Making an up-to-date Will

Things your need to consider or ask our advice about

It is vital that you have an up-to-date Will that adequately reflects your wishes. Dying without a Will (intestate) means that your estate will be dealt with and distributed as the law dictates. It will not necessarily go to those whom you would wish to benefit.

Some Wills are straight forward with the deceased's estate passing to a surviving spouse or partner then on to any children.

Other Wills are more complex where there are previous relationships and children from those relationships. It is important to ensure that your Will is drafted properly to reflect your wishes and ensure that everyone important to you is included.

It is important to consider who you should appoint as your Executor(s) and your Trustees. You should also consider who to appoint as Guardian(s) to care for any of your children should you die before they reach 18 years of age.

There are numerous other considerations which we can discuss and advise on to cover all eventualities. These include secure storage and updating of your Will, our unique Lifetime Ultimate Service package and our unbeatable Executor Support Service.

The importance of having Trusts within your Will

Trusts are a necessary consideration to protect your home, property and those you love. There are several types of Trust including:

Property Trust: to provide a home for someone after your death and to ensure specific beneficiaries will inherit. There is the possible added benefit of protecting part of the home from being sold to pay for care fees

Discretionary Trust: to limit and manage the inheritance of wayward children or to provide a regular income after your death

Annuity Trust: to ensure that maintenance payments continue after your death.

Disabled/Vulnerable Beneficiary Trust: to protect and manage the inheritance of a vulnerable or disabled child or relative.