Probate - Winding Up Your Estate

Things you need to consider

After your death your estate will need to be dealt with, this includes preparing accounts and submission to the Probate office if applicable. Your executor would be responsible for dealing with this, such responsibility is his or hers for life.

Any errors or emissions made, even by mistake are the responsibility of the Executor who must make good any losses and could be sued by a disappointed beneficiary. Regrettably this is happening all to frequently in this day and age.

If you die without a Will, someone will need to be appointed as you Administrator to wind up your estate.

Some people believe that their sons or daughters are capable of administrating their estate after their death.

The reality is that all the grief and upset of a family bereavement, the children often cannot cope and hand the work to a Solicitor, who in our experience will then carry out the work but at great cost to the estate.

Our standard charges are considerably less and will usually be all inclusive.

Executors: We do not insist on being your Executor, although we will if you wish. When winding up your estate we work with sensitivity, liaising with your family or other chosen Executors.

Probate: This is usually necessary where the estate includes property, shares and insurances. If we are appointed we will prepare all the submissions to the Probate office and all associate Solicitors will then extract the Grant of Probate and complete any reserved legal work

Winding Up The Estate With or without the need for a Grant of Probate, if we are appointed we will visit the deceased's home and collect all paperwork and information necessary to enable us to proceed with administering the estate.

Deed of Variation If necessary we also offer and additional service where it is deemed necessary to change the deceased's Will to make the distribution more efficient. This has to be done with the consent of all beneficiaries. We can advice accordingly.